XCAR Brand New Breathable Dust Prevention Car Cover Review

I received this package a couple of weeks ago. This is a nice car cover and protection. It arrived in our house at the right time because a couple of days after, our contractors started working on tuckpointing our home. Our garage was full so I was forced to park my car outside. I am so glad I got this car cover. True to its ad, the material is of very good quality, breathable,  and elastic.

Here’s the actual box that arrived in the mail.

xcar car cover review

Please excuse my fur baby. She always inspects things and thinks everything is for her.

xcar car cover reviewxcar car cover review

Contents of the box include the car cover, its storage bag,  a free cable and lock to protect the car cover in a heavy wind from blowing off, and it a very good instruction manual.

xcar car cover review  

The instruction manual will guide you which side of the cover is the front and will also help you how to secure the cover.

xcar car cover reviewxcar car cover review

This is the first time that I purchased a car cover. I got this at a discount price but the regular price of this product is very affordable. I use this to cover my Honda Civic and it fits my car well. In fact, there’s plenty of room left. It’s bigger than my Honda Civic and goes all the way down to protect the wheels. 

xcar car cover reviewxcar coverxcar car cover reviewxcar car cover review

For the price, the quality of the material is better than what I expected. I am very satisfied with the quality.  The cover is durable, well sewn, very easy to apply and remove. It works just as advertised.

xcar car cover review xcar car cover review xcar car cover review

This cover gives very good protection from dust and intense sunlight. I am rating this 5 stars.

xcar car cover review

This XCar cover fit #car #cover for #outdoor and #indoor is advertised to fit cars up to 200 inch. 

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five star review