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Prefer Beauty Professional Eyebrow & Splinter Removal Tweezers Review

I received this Prefer Beauty #ProfessionalEyebrowRemovalTweezers for honest review. Yes, I #GotItFree but my reviews are not biased. This tweezer set came at the right time. I have been looking for my old tweezers in the house but could not find it.  

The package comes in a cute light blue pouch and contains 3 kinds of tweezers: 

 1. Slanted Tweezer. 
My favorite among the three.  This is an ideal tweezer to use for general tweezing and eyebrow shaping. 
 2. Pointed tips tweezer for ingrown hairs and splinter removal. 
 3. Square tips tweezer to use to a large area more efficiently. 

I really love the cute pouch because it is sturdy and neat to have the tweezers organized. Each tweezer has their own slot to slide into. It is a great way to store the tweezers right after use, and also perfect case to carry them in your purse. This is perfect for people who lose them all the time. This set of tweezers works great. They’re sharp and of good quality. These are made of nice quality stainless steel and are a little heavier than most cheap tweezers in the market today. 
My rating? . I’m quite pleased with this set.