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HTC One M9 #intelliGLASS HD Review

I love this HTC One M9 Intelliglass Screen Protector  from intelliARMOR. 

The screen protector comes in a nice bi-fold packaging with internal plastic pouches that also contains a cleaning cloth, cleaning wet wipe, and instruction pamphlet. 

Inside the bi-fold package is a cute paper pouch that contains the instructions and screen  protector.

This screen protector is super easy to apply. If you’re not too sure how to do so, the colorful instructions for applying this intelliglass protector are very clear. You’re not gonna have a hard time.  

This intelliglass protector is thin (see pic below) but the quality is really good. It has great scratch resistance. After applying this screen protector to my phone, my phone looks like new. It’s crystal clear and so smooth. There’s no bubbles or residue. I’ve used other screen protectors in the past but they’re nowhere near as good as this awesome intelliglass HD tempered glass protector. Also, the screen sensitivity did not change. My phone works as wonderful as it was and now, can withstand hits and dings.

I feel better knowing that my phone is well protected. This product is perfect for those who always drop their phone.  Do you know anyone who might need this screen protector?  This will make a great gift! 

Want one? http://amzn.to/2fqRNkh