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Great Space Saver Shoe Organizer #MaidMax

This is a great space saver shoe organizer. It is one sided. This is a nice see-through organizer. Because it keeps items visible, this shoe organizer also works beautifully as small items organizer, for those things that are sometimes hard to find. You can easily just hang this in your closet door or bathroom door for organizing your soaps,shampoos or makeups. This shoe organizer is sturdy and of good quality. It offers great compartments. There are 24 pockets. Each pocket is only big enough for one shoe. I do not recommend sticking a pair in one pocket because it may damage it faster over time. The material is PVC and a soft brushed breathable fabric. It holds This organizer comes with 4 white finish strong hooks to hold the top and they fit over the door perfectly.

This is a great organizer. Use it for your shoes or for anything that needs to be easily accessible and organized. For the price, this is a very good shoe organizer. To get yours, click here. I received a free sample for evaluation and unbiased review.