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Edifier H650 On-Ear Headphones Review Foldable and Lightweight Headphone

This Edifier’s H650 is one of my favorite headphones. I love the quality and the sound of this headphone. This is an on-ear noise-isolating headphone which also means passive noise canceling. This do such a good job of blocking out noise. The sound profile of this headphone is very good. I can really hear the sound better as compared to other headphones I’ve tried. The sound is crisp and crystal.

This Edifier’s H650 is very lightweight and very comfortable to wear. The headband is easily adjustable and fits perfectly on my head. It holds securely. The headphone folds on itself for convenient portability or storage. This headphone is available in black, blue, orange, pink, purple and white colors. I got the pink color and I love it. Color looks exactly like what’s shown in pictures. The H650 headphones have a straight plug. I sometimes sing with this headphone and sometimes use it with my iPod. It’s perfect for listening to music from iPod. I also use this sometimes for outdoor walking. It does not block all outside noises but I like it that way because I’m still aware and can be alerted to oncoming cars or traffic.

This comes with a one year warranty in parts and labor. You can contact the seller directly or visit official website for warranty claims. Overall, these are good quality head phones for the money.