Don’t Think About it!

Guest written by our friend Trent Horton.

 I didn’t think I would move to Hawaii but you know, you never know how life’s going to turn out. After a vacation her when I was 24 I came back to get married – I met my future husband at a beach bar while I was partying hardy! We’ve been together now for 6 years and we’ve decided to buy a bed and breakfast. I can’t wait to get this place all fixed up and make it our sole source of income as right now my husband still works fulltime at the coffee plant. I got wireless internet Honolulu for the home and I hired some contractors to come and make it as nice as I know it can be and I’ve been taking classes in hospitality management at the University of Hawaii to make sure I’m ready. I love that there are so many opportunities available in the hospitality industry here and that we’ve got such a bright future. We’re young and love taking on new challenges like the one before us!