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Copper Compression Comfort Gloves Review

Copper Compression Comfort Gloves Review

Update: Yesterday, while working on this Copper Compression Comfort Gloves Review, the small finger on my left hand was bitten by an insect, so my left hand is extremely sore and swollen right now.

Copper Compression Comfort Gloves gloves, swollen hand gloves
I decided to wear the Copper Compression Comfort Glove to see if that would alleviate the pain and discomfort of the insect bite, and it helped! I was actually quite surprised seeing as the Copper Compression Comfort Gloves was not designed for first aid relief of insect bites, but it has helped nonetheless.
Copper Compression Comfort Gloves Review

I man a  cash register and work on the computer all day so most of the time, my fingers, hands and wrists really get sore and very tired. I’ve been looking for a good set of gloves to  help alleviate the stress on my hands and very glad that I found this Copper Compression Comfort Gloves. I ordered the medium size gloves. I got this product at a discount for honest and unbiased review. This product discount has absolutely no reflection on my evaluation or rating. #DiscountedforHonestReview.

These Copper Compression Comfort Gloves are made of nice material, durable, and very comfortable on your hands. It provides great support for my hands. As you can see in the photo above, my left hand is swollen but the gloves are comfortable and stretchy enough accommodating the swelling of my hands. Furthermore, this Copper Compression Comfort Gloves eases my carpal tunnel pain tremendously.

The palm strips you see on the third photo is awesome. It offers wonderful support. When your hands are hurting or have any trouble with the circulation in your hands, give this gloves a try. I  liked the compression feeling so I think these could help you too.

My Rating? 
4 stars

I rated this product 4-stars instead of 5 because the stitching on the finger holes seems somewhat ragged, and there is loose string that could possibly get caught on one’s fingernails. Other than that, the compression works well.