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Blogging for Money

A blog gives an awesome chance to everyone to express himself/herself on the web. We really feel that we are sharing our deepest thoughts and ideas with people of the world. Writing a blog is bringing the world nearer to each other like never before. In certain cases, a blog is a excellent therapy treatment… Read More Blogging for Money


When September Ends

Have you ever heard the song, Wake Me Up When September Ends? It’s the fourth single by Green Day. I have the lyrics below. Wake Me Up When September Ends Lyrics I like the song. I just remember the song today, a prefect timing. Anyways, I just realized and I wish I can do this,… Read More When September Ends


Blog Ranks

A lot of bloggers and website owners have been hurt by their page ranks drop down. I noticed many other blogs and forums I read are experiencing a drop too even the ones that are way much established and use a lot of intra linking have been hit hard. What about you? have you noticed… Read More Blog Ranks


blog traffic booster

Every person, company, or organization that has a website or blog needs good traffic for their website especially that search engine spiders and search engine users are somewhat difficult groups to please. Good traffic is somewhat the barometer of any websites success. With more than million new blog posts being released on the web each… Read More blog traffic booster