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A lot of bloggers and website owners have been hurt by their page ranks drop down. I noticed many other blogs and forums I read are experiencing a drop too even the ones that are way much established and use a lot of intra linking have been hit hard. What about you? have you noticed or experienced a drop in PageRank? recently launched a tool that calculate Blog Ranks . RealRank is the first site ranking service that focuses exclusively on measuring the traffic and influence of individual blogs throughout the blogosphere.

You, as blog owner embed code on their blog and this piece of javascript collect data and report a rank based on actual traffic. You can choose whether you want to display pageviews and visitors or just your RealRank. What’s nice is that, unlike other ranking systems, the RealRank scoring algorithm is public. The system weights blogs 70% on daily unique visitors, 20% by daily active inbound links and 10% by daily page views as reported by ITK. Check out the site and sign up for the service. Registration is free!

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  1. Yes I am hit very badly by google, wo of my blog which earlier had PR4 are now having zero rank 🙁 One which had three is also zero now. I am ruined 🙁 Only one blog with PR 3 is left, if google takes that also, I am finished..

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