Big News

Guest post written by my buddy Keith Kramer

My husband came home this afternoon and gave me the look, the look I recognized as the bad new look. I just kind of ignored it and kept on with getting dinner on the table hoping he just wouldn’t share the bad news. I was six months pregnant and really not up for anything to go wrong. Well of course I could not get away from the bad news; my husband sighed and said my job is moving to Jamaica for a month. I was crushed, I could not hold back my tears any longer; I started doing what I call the ugly cry. My husband came over to hold me he assured me everything would be okay. My husband left out the following week. The days got longer and my belly just kept getting bigger I had to come up with a way to keep me preoccupied so I logged onto www.Cabletvadvisor.com. I bought my first T.V package and flipped it on and found many shows that kept my mind free of thought. I missed my husband but the television sure did help pass the time.